Why Us?

Why CCM Till Hire?

Purchasing a brand new till is an expensive outlay for any business particularly if you need to purchase more than one till.

All of our Till Hire prices start from £1 + VAT per day, which will allow your business to keep your costs low and profits high. If you are short for space, tills can be bulky to store for short-term events. By choosing our Till Hire service, you will not need any storage space as we will collect the till when you are finished.

Selecting a Till Hire provider can be a difficult decision particularly if you only need to hire a till for a short period of time. CCM Till Hire offers a complete hire service for cash tills, EPOS systems and PDQ terminals with no commitment.

We have over 40 years of experience and stock the largest range of EPOS systems, cash tills and PDQ terminals from manufacturers like Sharp, Casio and Sam4s. We provide tills for businesses all over the UK. All hired tills will be delivered to your site and collected by our quick delivery couriers.

Who do we supply tills to?

We supply Till Hire services to many businesses and events such as:

Benefits of choosing CCM Till Hire

By choosing CCM Till Hire, you will benefit from the following:

24/7 Phone Support & Training

Easy to Use Training Guides

Till Arrives Pre-Programmed

Free Delivery & Collection