Tills for Rent

Tills for Rent

Do you need short term or long term till rental? Finding tills for rent is the perfect option for a short-term event such as music festival, it can eliminate the loss made of buying and selling a till.

In many situations, it is very beneficial to take out long term till rental. This gives you the option to upgrade with the minimum of fuss, no repair or servicing costs and return the till whenever necessary without losing money.

Our selection of tills

At CCM Till Hire, we have a large selection of cash registers to rent from small base basic tills to touch screen EPoS systems. Any of the cash registers listed on our website are available for rent today.

If you are looking to rent a cash register, then the first step is to get in touch and let us know your requirements, from this we can establish the most suitable till for your business.

Advantages of till rental

  • Keep start-up costs to a minimum
  • No commitment
  • Perfect for events & festivals
  • Tills delivered and collected to your location
  • Tills arrive pre-programmed with your products
  • 24/7 support throughout the rental period
  • All tills have an easy-to-use training guide
  • Training can be provided
  • Cheaper alternative to investing in a till

Rental period

So whether you need till hire for a day, weekend or a week, our cash registers are available for any period of time to suit your business’ requirements.

There may be a holding deposit which will be retuned to you in full once the machine has been returned to us in the condition in which it was received.

Additional support

All rental tills come with 24/7 telephone support and our easy to use guide. They can also be programmed to your specifications with colour coded keyboard overlays.

If you have any issues with your till during the rental period, you will be able to contact our team on 01202 301301 or 0800 015 1777 at any time including the weekends and evenings.

What type of events is till rental suitable for?

\"TillOur till rental service can be used for the following events:

  • Air Shows
  • Arts Fair
  • Beer Festival
  • Boat Shows
  • Car Shows
  • Christmas Market
  • Flower Shows
  • Food Festival
  • Music Festival
  • Sporting events and more

Rental cost

Till rental starts from as little as £10 + VAT. We also offer the facility to purchase the cash register at a reduced rate at the end of the rental period. There is no minimum or maximum rental period for till rental.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail and to obtain a personalised quotation.

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