Case Study: Larmer Tree Festival


CCM Till Hire were contacted by Larmer Tree Festival – a music festival based near Salisbury that was hosted from the 14th – 19th July of 2015. This was to be the 25th anniversary of the Larmer Tree Festival and to celebrate this they had a fantastic line up including Sir Tom Jones. We spent time with the Larmer Tree Festival team discussing their exact requirements. This was to ensure that we provided the Larmer Tree Festival with a till that suited their needs and enabled them to operate effectively during the course of the festival.

What CCM Till Hire delivered

At CCM Till Hire, we identified the Casio SE-C450 as the most suitable cash register for the Larmer Tree Festival. The Casio SE-C450 is one of the most stylish tills offered by CCM Till Hire and can store up to 3,000 products at any one time. It also had enough buttons on the flatbed keyboard to store all their individual ticket prices.

The cash register was solely for use on their admission gates and would enable the team at Larmer Tree Festival to process admissions quickly and efficiently. At CCM Till Hire, we customised the till to suit the client by programming the till with different ticket prices for the event. The use of preset prices helps to avoid operator error and allowed them to print a report at the end of the day clearly showing how many of each ticket type had been sold.

For this particular event, we customised the Casio SE-C450 and produced a coloured keyboard overlay for the cash register. CCM Till Hire supplied an easy to use guide that explained how to operate the cash till and take reports from the cash register.

This ensured that the staff at the Larmer Tree Festival could use the till without any difficulty or additional training.

Our service provided

  • 24/7 telephone support throughout the festival
  • A till customised for the festival
  • Complete instruction manual
  • Delivery and collection of the till from the site

Features of the Casio SE-C450

  • 1 thermal printer
  • 3000 stored products
  • 72 department keys
  • Flay keyboard
  • SD memory storage

Contact CCM Till Hire

If you are interested in a cash register for your festival, call CCM Till hire today on 0800 015 1777 or 01202 301 301.

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